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In the event of the death of a loved one, there is a ministry here at the church to help you in your time of sorrow.Call the office at (248) 627-3965 and let us know that your loved one has died. Our pastor will ask you to come into the office and discuss what you need to take care of.


You will be given a book, “Through Death to Life” from which you will select readings from both the Old and New Testament and also a Gospel reading. You will need to ask a family member or friend to Lector (read) the first and second readings along with the Prayers of the Faithful.


We have a selection of songs that are appropriate for a Funeral Mass. If you have a personal request, we will let you know if it is appropriate to have in the church.


The parish organist will play for funerals. Her fee is $125.00 and is sometimes included in the funeral home cost. If you wish to have a cantor (singer) the fee is $50.00

Last Visitation

Your loved one may be brought to St. Anne and laid in state in the Word Chapel approximately one hour prior to the Funeral Mass.

Presentation of Gifts

The church encourages family members or friends at the Funeral Mass to bring to the altar the bread and wine. You will also need someone to serve as a Eucharistic Minister.


The funeral home will bring flowers to the church for Mass. It is customary that these flowers are left at the church as a donation. Selection of these flowers is left to the family.


A monetary donation to the church is customary. The amount can be discussed with the Pastor or the parish secretary.

Final Commendation and Committal

The last ceremony after Mass and at the cemetery is called a Liturgy of Final Farewell or Commendation and committal. It is a chance for a final good-bye. Our pastor will discuss this with you. The funeral luncheon will take place before or after the final Commendation dependant upon the location of the cemetery.To discuss music, readings, etc., please contact Julie Neal, Worship Coordinator at (248) 627-3965, ext. 107.


A funeral luncheon is available for parish members. Hardy Hall will be set with tables and tablecloths ready to serve family and friends a buffet style lunch. The parish provides all paper products, beverages, tossed salad, fruit salad, bread/rolls, hot mostaccioli with marinara sauce, main entree and desserts. There is no charge for these items.   The family is responsible for letting us know approximately how many people will be attending the luncheon. To discuss details for the luncheon, please contact the Christian Service Office at (248) 627-3965, ext. 103.