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Welcome to the St. Anne’s Services Directory. We offer this web page as a way for our parishioners to search and connect with fellow members of our parish that own a business or offer a service. If you are in need of help or are looking for a particular type of business we hope this becomes the first place you look. Use of this directory is voluntary but by sharing our resources among the members of our parish it strengthens our church community.

PLEASE NOTE: St. Anne’s Catholic Church is not associated with or affiliated with the following persons or organizations and does not guaranty or endorse any of the following persons or organizations or their products or services. St. Annes disclaims liability for the use of the entities services or products listed here, and users or purchasers of the products or services listed assume all risk when purchasing them.

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Registration in this directory is open to any active parishioner who owns a business or offers a service that may be of interest to the St. Anne community. If you meet this requirement and would like your business listed in the directory, please fill out the service form by clicking on the below link. The completed form is automatically sent to the parish office where, after confirming you are a St. Anne’s member, it will be added to the directory. We thank you for using this service and hope you find it helpful!

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