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Clutter T.O.S.S.



Headquartered in Holly
Contact: Brigitte Todd, Owner

4215 McGinnis Rd
Holly, Michigan 48442
(248) 819-2243

Do you spend hours looking for and not finding it? Do you feel overwhelmed with clutter? I can help get your clutter back under control. My mission is to help people who desire to be organized and who need my creative ideas and/or assistance to organize their lives, finances, homes or small businesses in order to improve their personal productivity and quality of life. My Organizing Services include Living & Dining Areas, Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry, Master Bedroom, Children’s Rooms, Craft Room, Closets, Attic, Garage, Home or Small Business Office, Filing Systems, Database/E-Mail/Paper/Time Management. If you would like more information, please visit my website at:  www.cluttertoss.com